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About Us

Waltons began in 1949 in South Africa when a small family stationery company was founded in Cape Town by Norman Walton and his father at 141 Loop Street. Their aim was to bring Capetonians a previously unseen range of stationery and work tools. The company started out with a staff of nine and an annual turnover of R40 000.

Over the years, Waltons proved such a success that branches were opened nationwide and the brand became a household name.

Waltons Namibia (PTY) Ltd officially opened its doors on March 11, 1980.

The humble start of the branch at the Huka Building in 1980 resulted in a number of moves of branch location. From the Huka Building Waltons moved to Kaiser Krohne Corner. When new developments forced the company to move they found suitable premises in Bell Street. Upon completion of Mutual Platz, an additional outlet was opened in the brand new building. The company embarked on a program of expansion from one branch in Bell Street to 13 branches across Namibia.

As the leading stationer in Southern Africa we cater for the stationery needs of Namibians. We are in Namibia for Namibia. Steps were taken to appoint Namibians in senior positions and to invest Namibian Funds in Namibia. Waltons Namibia Grew from 11 staff members in 1980 to well over 220.

The sky is not the limit but only the starting point. Waltons is here to stay. We shall continue to invest in our country and in our people.

Waltons Namibia integrated the “Breeding success” logo in the market and has been using this for the last 3 years. The latest development on the brand was the incorporation of Waltons in the Bidvest Group. Waltons South Africa is now known as Bidvest Waltons, but Namibia has not followed the same path and is still only known as Waltons which is part of the Bidvest group.

After evaluating the Breeding success campaign and roll-out it was established that the process was not very successful and that the consumer is disconnected from this “slogan”. It is not understood by the Namibian culture and this leads to confusion.

Waltons Namibia wants to establish their own identity in the Namibian market and motivate the Namibian people to support our brand and buy from Waltons.